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3 Reasons to Seek Chiropractic Care After an Injury

Injuries and accidents are inevitable during our lifetime. These injuries can occur during normal daily activities like picking something up off the ground, competing in a sporting activity, or a high impact traumatic event like a car crash. Unless you put on a layer of bubble wrap every morning, injuries are apart of life and how you recovery from these injuries is a huge predictor of your future well being, mentally and physically.

The most common injuries (car accidents, falls, and sports injuries) typically result in some form of musculoskeletal injury. Without the proper knowledge on recovery or the proper healthcare provider, these injuries can affect an individual long-term leading to chronic pain, suffering and disability.

How Can a Chiropractor Help You With Recovery?

Chiropractors specialize in musculoskeletal injuries and conditions. If the injury was due to a predisposing issue, this also needs to be a focus during treatment. Common predisposing factors include overuse, poor spinal biomechanics/alignment, and poor movement patterns. Chiropractic Biophysics (CBP) is a heavily researched and elite approach to treating these injuries and predisposing conditions. This is done by a whole body analysis that dives deep into spinal biomechanics to get to the cause of the injury. This promotes sustainable, long term healing and recovery.

Reasons You Need a Chiropractor

While there are many reasons you should be under the care of a chiropractor, here are the top 3 reasons to find a CBP practitioner in your city.

  1. Treating Spine Misalignment
    One of the primary underlying issues that puts you at risk for injury and also affects the recovery process is spine misalignment. We need to be worried about the foundation of your spine alignment before we look at movement patterns. For example, a large trunk translation due to spine misalignment can shift body weight drastically to one side of the body. The joints and muscles on this side of the body work harder, are more susceptible to injury, and wear down faster.
  2. Promote Tissue Healing
    When spine misalignments are corrected, the body can now focus energy expenditure on tissue healing. Chiropractic can maximize the healing process through adjustments, along with other supplementary treatments to increase blood flow. Soft tissue therapy or massage, corrective exercises and guided stretching, and pain relieving modalities are treatments that can promote the healing process.
  3. Long Term, Sustainable Results
    If injuries are not properly treated initially, they can lead to a chronic condition or further injury. Previous injuries unfortunately are a big predictor of future injuries. Having a provider to properly explain your injury, and most importantly, educate you on future injury prevention is extremely valuable. Minimizing scar tissue and maximizing proper movement patterns after spine correction gives you long term, sustainable recovery.

Seek Out a CBP Chiropractor For All Your Spine and Injury Needs

Injuries will happen and having a CBP chiropractor on your healthcare team can be a lifesaver. The entire team at Optimal Spine & Posture is dedicated to improving your health in the short and long term. It’s time to feel your absolute best!

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