Try This for Vertigo and Dizziness Relief

A number of people suffer from occasional, and sometimes constant, bouts of vertigo and dizziness. When this occurs, it might be mildly disorienting or it can be so severe that the individual has difficulty standing up and maintaining balance. The most common type of vertigo, known as benign paroxysmal positional vertigo (BPPV), is caused when tiny crystals of calcium get loose inside your inner ear. It affects people aged 60 and above more than any other age group, and usually occurs when you’re just getting out of bed. If this is the type of vertigo you’re experiencing, there are some things you can do at home to help relieve the symptoms of vertigo and dizziness.

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Epley Maneuver

This home remedy should be used if you have vertigo (ex. Left ear):

  • sit at the edge of your bed and turn your head 45° to the left, then put a pillow under you so that its positioned between your shoulders
  • quickly lie down with your head on the bed and the pillow under your shoulders, then wait 30 seconds for the vertigo to stop
  • turn your head 90° to the right without lifting it and wait another 30 seconds
  • turn your entire body and your head on your side to the right so that you’re looking at the floor, and wait 30 seconds
  • sit up slowly but stay on the bed for a few minutes
  • if your vertigo comes from the right ear, you can use this same maneuver but follow the instructions in reverse.

Semont Maneuver

This is also a left-side ear vertigo treatment:

  • sit at the edge of your bed and turn your head 45° to the right
  • quickly lie down on your left side and remain in place for 30 seconds
  • lie down on the opposite end of your bed without changing the direction of your head, and keep it at a 45° angle for 30 seconds
  • return to a sitting position and wait a few minutes
  • reverse these instructions for right-side ear vertigo.

Foster Maneuver

If you have any difficulty performing either of the two exercises above, you may find this one a little easier to carry out:

  • kneel down while looking at the ceiling for a few seconds
  • touch the floor using your head and keeping your chin tucked in, then wait for vertigo conditions to cease
  • turn your head in the direction of the ear which is causing your vertigo, and wait 30 seconds
  • raise your head quickly so that it becomes level with your back while you’re still kneeling down, and keep your head at a 45° angle for 30 seconds
  • raise your head quickly so that it becomes completely upright, while maintaining your head in position with the side of your body you’re working on, and then slowly stand up.

Each of these maneuvers should be performed several times before you experience significant relief. After doing it once, wait 15 minutes before repeating whichever exercise you’re doing, and your symptoms should be either completely gone or significantly reduced.

If you continue to feel discomfort from vertigo and dizziness give the Chiropractic BioPhysics experts a call at Optimal Spine & Posture 208-748-5909 or request an appointment online.

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