Bri Langley headshot

Bri Langley

Front Desk Receptionist/Rehab Technician

Hi my name is Bri Langley and I recently graduated from Boise State with my Bachelors degree in Exercise Science. This past year I also became an ACE certified Personal Trainer and a Certified Sports Nutrition Coach. Over the next year I will be applying to Physical Therapy school, so I’m hoping to gain as much hands-on experience working with individuals through all walks of life with a variety of physical abilities and disabilities. In my free time I enjoy working out, hiking, swimming, and hanging out with my family. I believe all modes of healthcare, from chiropractors and physical therapy to exercise and nutrition education, can be integrated to help treat patients as a whole. I also believe wellness is a lifelong process of constant improvement in regards to a person’s physical, mental, and emotional health. I’m looking forward to applying my knowledge about exercise and learning more about the benefits of chiropractics as I work as Optimal Spine & Postures Rehab technician.