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Have you always wondered what chiropractic care was all about, but maybe you were too intimidated to find out for yourself? At Optimal Spine & Posture in Garden City, ID, we’d like to encourage you to get beyond your fears and contact us so you can find out all about the tremendous benefits chiropractic care can provide for you. You might be amazed to find out how many patients have been helped tremendously by chiropractic care, because it’s one of the very few medical approaches which seeks to treat underlying causes rather than dealing with symptoms.

It won’t do you much good to keep taking medications and pain-killers in the hope that your pain and discomfort will simply disappear during the time frame the medication is in effect. Chances are, that as soon as the medication wears off, all your symptoms, i.e. your aches and pains, will return in full force, and maybe even worse than before. To experience real long-lasting relief from pain and discomfort, your best bet just might be to undergo chiropractic care, so that the true cause of your pain can be addressed and finally overcome.

Through gentle manipulation of the spine, vertebrae can be restored to their normal positions, and any pressure which has been exerted on nerves in the local area will then be relieved. This is how an underlying source of pain can be permanently dealt with, as opposed to constantly taking medications which will provide only a few hours of relief. If you’re ready to experience a lasting solution to the pain and discomfort you’ve been feeling in your lower back, your neck, or your shoulders, contact us today to set up an initial consultation.

Chiropractic Care Services near Garden City, ID

You may not need any of the specific services shown above, or you may benefit by having several of them performed on you. The actual forms of therapy used will always depend on exactly what condition has been diagnosed as the underlying cause of your pain and discomfort. The goal of any program of treatment we develop with you will always be to greatly reduce or eliminate whatever pain you’re feeling, so you can get back to having an optimal state of personal wellness.

We never use a ‘cookie cutter’ approach to treatment, because we understand that every patient is unique, and everyone has entirely different pains and aches. That means a fully customized program must be devised for each and every patient, and our expert practitioners are more than happy to devote the time and effort to arriving at the very best program of treatment for your special circumstances.

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If you’re tired of taking pain-killers and medications which only hide your symptoms for a while, there really is a better way to manage your pain. Contact us at Optimal Spine & Posture, so our skilled and knowledgeable team of specialists can accurately diagnose exactly what the underlying cause of your pain and discomfort may be. Once we know that, it will be possible to create a fully tailored treatment program which addresses those issues, and which will help you get back to a pain-free lifestyle, all without the need for any kind of medications.

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Customer Reviews

Disc decompression therapy in Garden City, ID, 83714

“Dr Justin is an amazing CBP practitioner. His knowledge of postural correction goes above and beyond. I highly recommend Dr Justin for getting long lasting results and better overall health!”

- Erica Simpson

Spinal remodeling therapy in Garden City, ID, 83714

“Dr. Justin rocks! I have had back/neck pain, as well as posture problems, since I was a little kid. I have been to numerous doctors and chiropractors over the years. Dr. Justin not only made me feel comfortable from day one, but his diagnosis of my back problems was spot on. He took the time to learn about me and my past injuries and together we put an effective gameplan in place. Because of him, my back and neck feel better than I ever remember. He's positively impacted my quality of life. I will never see anyone else!”

- Ryan Scott

Whiplash treatment in Garden City, ID, 83714

“Dr. Justin is wonderful! He truly does a spectacular job at making sure his patients needs and concerns are being met. He is very thorough with his procedures and works to make it an enjoyable experience and atmosphere while correcting your spine! 10/10 recommend seeing him for your chiropractic care! His heart and soul is in helping those in need and it shows in his work!”

- Candace Pirtle

Chiropractic biophysics in Garden City, ID, 83714

“Dr Justin is a compassionate, thorough, knowledgeable and skilled Chiropractor. His knowledge of CBP and its application in aligning the spine and optimizing the body’s functioning and overall health is world-class. I had the pleasure of training under him and witnessed his competency and desire to help people. I trust him with my health and would recommend him and his staff to my friends and family.”

- Charles Marshall

Headache treatment in Garden City, ID, 83714

“Dr. Justin is Awesome! I've been to many chiropractors in the past and they were nothing like Dr. Justin. He actually took time to listen to what my issues were and helped me work my way out of pain. I feel Great and very glad to have him in my weekly regimen.”

- Mishelle Fryklund

Neck pain treatment in Garden City, ID, 83714

“Dr. Justin is an outstanding chiropractor, teacher, and leader in the community. I have had the honor of training along side him as well as receiving treatments from him. He offers an eye opening perspective that is really unmatched. He is extremely energetic, very enthusiastic about the profession and makes great effort to provide the best care, making him the desirable choice for anyone seeking medical assistance. Dr. Justin provides much more than your average chiropractor, he is highly skilled and trained to assess and analyze the spine in order to deliver quality results. He tends to take his time to listen to his patients in order to deliver the results that are essential to reaching their optimal health goals. The systems he implements on a daily basis ensure that patients are satisfied in all areas of care. I trust him to make the right decision when it comes to your health. Highly recommend visiting him, you won’t regret it.”

- Karan Patel

Sports injury treatment in Garden City, ID, 83714

“I’ve been going to Dr. Justin for about 7 years now and he’s amazing at his job! I appreciate how every time I come into the clinic it seems welcoming and I get whatever I need taken care of. I have a lot of trust in him to give me second opinions on injuries or advice on recovery because he’s helped me in the past with those issues. He’s very genuine in the fact that he does what he can to help the patient rather than just get the job done. In all my years going to him I’ve always felt like my treatments and adjustments gave me relief I was looking for that’s why I continue to go to him for any chiropractic/injury issues.”

- Demonte Horton

Back pain treatment in Garden City, ID, 83714

“Can I say AMAZING Chiropractor in Garden City! Dr. Justin took the time to listen to my concerns and does an awesome job treating my back and neck pain! He has also provided me with the tools to treat my overall health concerns with diet and exercise. I appreciate his kindness and passion for my chiropractic care! Highly recommend!”

- Gina Roupe

Chiropractic care in Garden City, ID, 83714

“Dr. Justin is a dynamic, energetic and engaging chiropractor. He shows a personal interest in each of his patients as he focuses on your health and well being. I would highly recommend Dr. Justin Anderson.”

- Sharon Benson

Poor posture treatment in Garden City, ID, 83714

“Doctor Justin Anderson is your guy for corrective care. His attention to detail on restoring the function of your body is 10/10. As a health and fitness enthusiast - he has helped me acknowledge and correct poor postural habits I have developed. Proper analysis and a custom rehab routine - he’s helped me correct slouched shoulders, anterior pelvic tilt and forward head posture. Highly suggest you invest into your health and visit optimal spine and posture.”

- Keith Fitness