Our Mission at Optimal Spine and Posture

Our mission is to be Boise’s community resource center for Optimal health and Optimal healingOptimal Spine & Posture’s spinal rehab and wellness center not only provides its patients with the most effective and reliable methods of treating musculoskeletal conditions, but we strive to empower our patients with the knowledge and tools that allow them to protect themselves from future injury and to positively influence their own future state of health and well-being in the years to come.  

 At Optimal Spine & Posture our clinic encompasses a culture that cultivates health, healing, and prosperity from the inside out. We consider total body health to provide a comprehensive understanding of biology, physiology, and body mechanics as it relates to your quality of life. 

 Putting Individual Care First 

We put the health of our patients first, working to provide care that resolves the real problem and not merely the symptom, with the consideration of preventative care in the future. We provide a friendly, high-energy atmosphere that offers our patients a warm, loving environment and provides them peace of mind in their healthcare decisions.