Scoliosis Rehabilitation & Exercise

Advanced Scoliosis exercises should be done carefully and performed with proper technique.

Scoliosis Specific Exercises: Scoliosis-specific exercises are useful in reducing the course of spinal deformity in growing adolescents and/or treat pain and disability to improve quality of life in all ages. Some patients are able to achieve results such as improved posture and better psychosocial wellbeing.

These programs are highly effective for patients with progressive idiopathic curves when used in conjunction with other treatments, such as scoliosis bracing. In fact, research shows that these programs directly improve the results of bracing by helping:

  • Strengthen the muscles that support the spine
  • Improve spine flexibility during brace treatment
  • Maintain the correction achieved by the brace when discontinuing wear

Three targeted approaches. One trusted provider.

Our team at Optimal Spine & Posture has advanced training and certification in today’s most proven and advanced scoliosis-specific rehabilitation programs, including Chiropractic Biophysics (CBP). Based on your specific diagnosis, treatment plan and rehabilitation goals, we will work with you to determine the best approach for your needs and desired outcomes of care.

Chiropractic Biophysics (CBP): This combined chiropractic and rehabilitation approach uses biomechanically based techniques to support spinal realignment and correction. At the core of this approach is a technique called mirror image correction, which involves overcorrecting the spine in the opposite direction of the scoliosis curve. A three-part protocol comprising Exercise, Adjustment and Traction (EAT) is used to accomplish this. Specifically, patients combine targeted exercises with precise chiropractic adjustments and traction using specialized stretching equipment to overcorrect the posture and spine.

Earlier scoliosis detection and treatment results in better long-term patient outcomes.

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