Intensive Scoliosis Treatment in Boise, Idaho

Do I Have Scoliosis?

If you suspect you may have scoliosis, your best bet is to come in for a COMPLIMENTARY consultation as soon as possible. Scoliosis is an extremely time-sensitive condition, and damage can be irreversible if you wait too long.

When you come in for a scoliosis evaluation and diagnosis at Optimal Spine & Posture, we will identify if you do have an abnormal curvature of the spine and we will create the best treatment plan for you. And if you don’t have scoliosis but pain is a concern, then we can certainly locate the cause of your discomfort and focus treatment on symptom relief. We receive a wide variety of patients that come to us with either a diagnosis of scoliosis or just symptoms of back pain and discomfort.

 There are a number of different types of scoliosis conditions as well as several different causes. Treatment can be based on the specific shape and condition of your spine as well as other circumstances:

  • Patient Age
  • Physical Growth Stage/Level (Risser Sign)
  • Severity of Condition
  • Specific (Individual) Findings

Your First Scoliosis Consultation

When you visit Optimal Spine & Posture for the first time, we will collect in-depth health history and find out how you are feeling today. We want to know how your condition affects your everyday life and how we can help you reach your greatest potential. We will perform a thorough physical exam.

We do ask that you set aside a 45-minute time block for your first visit. Your physical evaluation may include the following tests:

  • Digital Posture Analysis
  • Range of Motion Testing
  • Orthopedic Testing
  • Neurologic Testing
  • X-rays

During your second visit, we’ll review the results of all of your testing as well as the recommendations of world-renowned leaders in scoliosis care and treatment. Dr. Anderson will prepare your fully detailed, best-recommended treatment plan, the timeframe for your treatment, and all related costs and payment options upfront. You will not get any surprises during your treatment with Optimal Spine & Posture.

What If My Child Has Scoliosis?

 Many pediatricians and doctors in allopathic medicine will adopt a wait-and-see approach when a child has a scoliosis diagnosis below surgical limits. This is the absolute WORST thing you can do for a child with scoliosis. Waiting is never a good idea because scoliosis is an extremely time-sensitive condition. Any resulting damage from an untreated scoliosis diagnosis may become permanent!

It’s essential to treat any scoliosis in children as soon as it’s detected. Growth spurts in both children and adolescents can increase scoliosis progression and permanent spinal damage. The earlier we diagnose and treat scoliosis in your child, the easier it will be to improve and correct. And the better the chances of complete or near complete healing.*

We urge you to bring your child in for a COMPLIMENTARY Scoliosis Check. Your action today could prevent or limit the chances of your child developing a degenerative scoliosis condition, possibly requiring surgery and causing discomfort throughout his/her life.

Still not convinced? If you haven’t already scheduled your COMPLIMENTARY consultation and examination, go ahead and do it now by clicking above. You’ve got nothing to lose – and your whole life to gain back. We look forward to meeting you and helping you on your way to a better, healthier, happier life through new chiropractic scoliosis treatments right here in Boise. Now, let’s get started!

 *Note: It’s important to understand that not all non-surgical, conservative treatment improves scoliosis. Different cases may require different treatment, including cases that requiring surgery, and results can vary.

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