What Does it Mean When Your Back Hurts Everyday?

When your back hurts everyday, it can be hard to focus on your daily routine. All of your attention can become focused on the pain or discomfort you’re feeling. But what does it actually mean when your back hurts everyday, and the back pain never seems to subside or go away on its own? Is this a sign that you have a serious back issue?

If you’ve recently sustained some kind of lower back injury, you’ll know what it was that is causing your daily aches and pains, and you should discuss that with your chiropractor. However, it’s entirely possible that you haven’t experienced any kind of traumatic back injury lately, and you’ve just started noticing a persistent low back discomfort that refuses to go away. Most commonly it is a traumatic event, or something you are doing on a repetitive daily basis to cause the pain. Here are some reasons why you may have developed that ongoing back pain, and why your back hurts everyday.

Improper body mechanics

Some people use poor mechanics when lifting heavy objects or when lifting in the gym, and it can put a serious strain on their lower back. Here are some ways you can avoid improper body mechanics:

  • don’t twist during the lifting process
  • if an object is extremely heavy, you should get some assistance when lifting
  • use all the strongest muscles of your lower body (the legs), so that you don’t put undue stress and strain on the lower back
  • maintain good posture and keep objects close to the body when lifting, rather than extending them outward from the body. Keep your chest up!

Poor work habits

There are a number of bad habits you can develop at the workplace that can cause a flare up of back pain, which will generally be succeeded by more and more tension. You can reduce the stress on your spine at work and develop better work habits by implementing the following:

  • discuss serious issues with a close friend or relative
  • write in a journal because this can be as effective as talking to someone
  • use stress management to improve emotional factors
  • evaluate your work ergonomics and look into your chair and desk posture
  • try to perform an enjoyable activity every day
  • when you get home from work each day, take a few minutes to sit quietly and unwind from the stresses of the day


It’s extremely important to engage yourself in quality exercise at least three to five times every week. This will help maintain strength and flexibility, we are made to move and sitting is the new smoking! People who are in bad physical condition tend to be more susceptible to back injuries than those who are more physically fit. One of the most important things you can do for yourself is to keep your back flexible and ready for the rigors of the day.

Poor posture

One of the most prevalent causes of lower back pain is poor posture, and you can prevent this by having greater postural awareness, and making changes to your daily lifestyle. Poor posture = poor spine. Here are some of the tips you should keep in mind which are strongly associated with good posture:

  • keep your head and shoulders erect and balanced, while standing up straight and looking directly forward. Ear on top of the shoulder.
  • practice good posture and proper body mechanics at all times
  • avoid standing or sitting for long periods of time, and try to break up these periods with changes in position, rest breaks or workouts

If you’re suffering from back pain, give our office a call at 208-748-5909 to schedule an initial evaluation. Chiropractic care is highly effective in treating back pain.

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